Sunday School
starts at 9:30 Sunday mornings September through June
Ladies Bible Study
Every Tuesday morning at the church. Muffins and coffee at 9:30am in the basement. Studies starting at 10. Contact Linda Buhler, Barb Harder, Lena Wiebe, or Muffet Goertzen for more information.
Men’s Bible Study
6:30am weekly Tuesday mornings.
Ladies Prayer Meeting
Usually the first Thursday of the month. 
Youth Group
Bible Studies Thursday evening, events most weekends. See bulletin for details or contact Joe & Holly.
College and Careers Bible Study
at the church on Wednesdays at 7:30. Contact Sheldon if you have questions.  
Junior Youth
See bulletin for details 
care group, ministries of mercies- talk to someone on the church board for information. 



Abe & Janice Klassen (Dene Tha’ Native Ministry)

Andrew & Deanna Friesen, MMF (Low German Ministry)

Asa & Alicia Tabuavou, YWAM (Jon Dor Prairie)

Bill Kehler, MEM (Bolivia)

Diedrich & Nettie Friesen, MMF (Low German Ministry)

Eagles Nest Ministry Centre

David & Sieglinde Toews, MMF (Music Ministry)

Pete & Leah Humphreys, Ethnos (Still Waters Counseling)

Pinelodge Bible Camp

SEND International (Thailand Mission)

Susan Driedger, SEND (Russian Mission)

Tim & Sue Nielsen (Winnipeg Refugee Ministry)

Voice Of Hope (Russia)

Willie & Margaret Enns, MEM (Bolivia)

Children Of Hope (Mexico Children’s Ministry)